Is Jute products biodegradable?

Before understanding whether jute product is biodegradable or not, what is biodegradable?

And what is jute made of? And is it biodegradable?


What is Biodegradable?

All the waste we throw away will be biodegradable if it mixes with the decaying soil. Eco-friendly and not risky for the environment.

Who is the catalyst for biodegradable?

 Today the whole world is fighting against germs. Thousands of people are dying from the Corona virus. But do you know, there are harmful germs as well as beneficial germs also. Which aids in digestion or decompose and helps to break down complex substances into simpler substances and mix them with soil. Which we call decomposing. Bacteria and fungi are the main of this decomposing drama.

Picture: Apple Decomposed by Bacteria


How are jute products decomposed?

Jute products contain cellulose which is easily decomposed by the bacteria in the soil and mixed with the soil. These reactions produce: water, carbon dioxide and methane.


 Is polythene biodegradable?

Polythene is made from petroleum which has a strong carbon bond in its chemical structure. Bacteria is not able to break down the structure and decompose as well.


Dr. Rumman Shafi Quaderi, Ph.D
Chief Executive Officer, Quaderi Jute