Black Bengal is kinds of resource in Bangladesh. But it is also available in some neighbouring countries such as India and Nepal. Black Bengal goats are very hardy to adopt in the climate perfectly.

They can eat variety of food and feed to meat conversion ratio is good. It means feeding than conversion into High quality meat.


Most of the goat species are black, but there are also brown, gray and white goats.  Although they are small in size, their fur is soft and smooth. They have short horns and short legs. The pit is flat. Male goats weigh 25-30 kg, while female goats weigh 20-25 kg. The height of an adult goat is about 50 cm. Their body structure is strong and muscular. We can get about 10 kg of meat and a high quality skin from a goat of 20 kg weight.


Goats don’t like to live in overcrowded place. Goats prefer a clean, odor-free, warm, airy and light space. Keeping goats in unhygienic environments such as dung, damp, closed, dark and smelly environments can make goats sick. 5 feet long X 1.5 feet wide X 6 feet height, is perfect for a pair of goats. On an average 10-14 square feet space for adult Goat.


You can also feed them 250-300 grams of food daily.

After feeding grainy food the provide the goat sufficient clean water. An adult goat needs about 1 liter of water daily.


  • CDT or CD&T are the core vaccination which are given for protecting from Clostridial disease.
  • 2nd dose 5-6 weeks
  • Booster vaccination is given once in the year.


1. Symptoms of PPR usually appear within 3-6 days after the germs enter the body.

2. Body temperature rises to 105°-107°F.

3. A thin fluid first comes out of the goat’s nose, mouth and nose. Later it becomes sore and yellowish, gradually dries up and the nostrils may become blocked.

4. The disease can also affect the eyes of the sick animal. In that case, the goat’s eyelids may swell. Young goats are more affected by this disease

5. Bruises are formed around the mouth and at the base of the teeth.

6. Premature abortion may occur in pregnant goats.


1. As soon as the disease appears, sick goats should be separated from healthy goats.

2. Healthy goats should be given 1 ml of PPR vaccine.

3. The death rate can be reduced by preventing bacteria and parasites through the use of medicine.

4. If the goat dies, dig an 8 feet hole in the ground and bury it.


The Black Bengal goat is famous for its meat and leather. “Black Bengal goat meat tastes better than other breeds, so it is in high demand in the world market. Being very quick to reproduce, female goats of this breed can conceive twice a year and give birth to 3 to 4 kids each time. This variety is also more resistant to diseases as it can adapt to the environment in less time. This breed is famous for its high-quality meat and skin. Black Bengal goats play an important role in achieving economic development by eliminating unemployment and poverty in Bangladesh.