About us

Agro Views is a regular publication of Agric Planet. It’s a comprehensive magazine for the agriculture sector. From its inception, Agro Views has already created a good impression and strong reputation in the global market. It has already published a number of research papers,  articles, and market reports. Agro Views is working to guide the industry so that policymakers can make their decisions fast & easy.

Agro Views is one of the developments of the marketing and promotion service provider company “Agric Planet”. Established in 2016 Agro Views is a bi-monthly business publication focusing local and international textile & apparel industry. Textile Focus covers every aspect of the textile & apparel industry, RMG sector, trade & business, technical textile, denim industry, knitting industry, local & international news, retail world, smart textile, innovation in the textile industry, technological advancement, dyeing & finishing industry, sustainability, compliance, corporate world, fashion designing, seminar & exhibitions related aspects.

We aim to inform and enlighten our readers with the latest news, features, profiles, and fashion highlights from around the world. Between our online, social, and different value-added promotional channels and our printed publication, you are sure to be up to speed with all the latest information regarding the rag trade.

Agro Views is committed to serving the textile and apparel industry with the most updated news, views, analysis, research, and innovation articles and aims to act as the prime gateway for your business promotion and development.

Advertisers and sponsors who work with Agro Views are guaranteed the largest targeted audience and the widest coverage, which the other trades press, is simply unable to match. Companies who work with us are assured that our editorial expertise and understanding of the market means that Agro Views content remains relevant and focused on its target audience, the modern textile maker.

International Registration: ISSN 1999-2076

Local Registration: 51/2010, Dhaka

First Publication: January 2008

Frequency of Publication: Monthly from 2012

Language: English

Annual Circulation : 60,000+ Print Magazine | 1,80,000+ Digital Magazine

Our Strength

► Years of experience in regular publication

► Collaboration with trade bodies, knowledge networks & companies

► Regular seminars, symposiums & conferences

► Intelligent promotional strategies including graphical ads, sponsored content, real-life case study etc.

► Rare combination of experience and expertise in editorial panel

► Young, dynamic and meritorious research team

► Regular research work

► Quality subscribers and readers