In his famous book “The Origin of Species”, Darwin gave a famous theory in 1859: “Survival of the fittest”. In other words, whoever wins the battle of survival in simple language will survive. And he who is defeated will be lost from life. Once there was a shortage of grass in Australia. To survive the fight between the kangaroos began for grass. Those who got some grass by this fight survived. And some kangaroos climbed trees and started eating leaves. The tree kangaroos survived. There are still kangaroos on trees in Australia. They forgot to jump rather they walk from one branch to another. On this planer the kangaroos in the trees can only walk. The kangaroos on the ground cannot walk, they Jumps.

Now let’s relate the Covid-19 with this Theory: 

1) He who has more immunity inside his body will survive against Covid-19. That is why hardworking poor people have still won over Corona in villages. Epidemics are more evident in cities than in villages. So, Survival of the fittest relate to immunity. 

2) Two houses side by side. One is owned by Abdur Rahman. The other is owned by Khadija Begum. Abdur Rahman let the tenants down because the tenants could not pay the rent in the Corona epidemic. Khadija Begum, on the other hand, received only 60 percent rent from her tenants. The remaining 40 percent was waived. Even the flats that became vacant were rented out at half price. As a result, all the eight flats were full of Khadija Begum. And about five flats are vacant in Mr. Abdur Rahman’s house. Abdur Rahman lost his business intelligence in the epidemic of Corona and Khadija Begum survived the battle of life. Survival of the fittest. The most deserving will win.  

 3) A big company has 100 staffs. Import indent company. Corona was at risk of shutting everything down. The management came up with the idea that now we will sell fancy clothes. They started bringing clothes from China. Selling online. There is no food in the stomach of man. How people to buy fancy clothes. The foolish decision.People started to walk with old clothes to overcome the financial crisis. Garments, meanwhile, left their garments at half price in the domestic market to survive. As a result, some garments survived. The import indent company kept dying for its wrong decision. Business was lost in battle because of stupidity. Survival of the fittest will win relate to business.