The Highest exported mango variety is Amrapali

Amrapali Mango is a variety of Nabi mango. It is considered a hybrid variety because it was made from two other mango varieties. It was a hybrid production of Lucknow’s Dushehili mango and Neelam mango. The fruits are elongated, strongly curved at the bottom.

Amrapali Mango has a green skin color that turns slightly yellow when ripe. The skin is smooth and thin. It has an orange peel, is very juicy, tasty and fragrant, and does not contain fiber. Amrapali is priced between Tk 70 to Tk 90 per kg.

Botanical Description of Amrapali Mango:

The tree is small, but it regularly bears fruit. The fruits are small and grow in clusters. The flesh is deep orange-red and contains 2.5-3 times more carotenes than other commercial mango varieties. But people know it doesn’t last that long. The average yield per hectare is 16 tons.

Amrapali Mango Flavor:

Amrapali mangoes are small to medium in size and the skin remains green when fully ripe. When you cut open a ripe Amrapali and see the color of its flesh, you will be amazed. When you bite into it, you can feel the simple sweetness.

Nutritional value of mango:

Mangoes have 60 calories per 100 grams and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Contains 1.4 grams of protein, 24.7 grams of carbohydrates, 22.5 grams of sugar and 2.6 grams of fiber. Mangoes contain 67% of your daily Vitamin C requirement. It is also rich in copper, folic acid, thiamine, magnesium, niacin, potassium and riboflavin.

Mangoes are said to be rich in copper, folic acid and vitamin C. They are also beneficial during pregnancy as they help boost the immune system and help the baby grow.

How to incorporate Amlapalli Mango into your diet:

Goes well with smoothies.
Cut into pieces and add to the salsa sauce.
Add it to your salad for summer.
It can also be cut into pieces and eaten with other tropical fruits.
You can cut it up and add it to your quinoa salad. Mango goes well with Greek yogurt and oatmeal.
You can also put grilled mango on burgers and seafood.

Amrapali Mango Health Benefits:

  1. May help fight cancer.
  2. Mangoes contain antioxidants. They are quercetin, fisetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, gallic acid, and methyl gallate. All of these protect our bodies from breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and leukemia.
  3. Helps keep cholesterol levels stable. Mangoes are rich in vitamin C, fiber and pectin, making them the perfect fruit for lowering cholesterol levels.
  4. Helps keep skin clean. Mango is good for the body as it cleanses the skin from the inside out. It unclogs pores and makes skin glow. Eat mango to get beautiful skin.
  5. Helps make the body more acidic.
  6. Mangoes have tartaric and malic acid. It also contain a small amount of citric acid Citric acid helps keep alkaline stores in the body stable.
  7. helps you lose weight.
  8. They are packed with vitamins and essential nutrients, so eating just one mango can make you feel full.
  9. They’re also high in fiber, which helps your digestive system work and burns excess calories. This helps people lose weight.
  10. stimulate sexual desire.
  11. good for eyes.
  12. They are also rich in vitamin A, making them a great fruit for eyesight. It also prevents blindness and dryness of the eyes at night.



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