The Guava mainly produced in the southern region of Bangladesh. The river side district where the soil is very favourable for Guava production. Not many people in the world know about the floating markets that are in operation in the division of Barishal, specifically the district Pirojpur.

Guava production focused districts are as below:

  1. Jhalakathi
  2. Swarupkathi
  3. Pirozpur

The eye-soothing guava orchards are on canals over the Sugandha, Bishkhali, Gabkhan and Sandhya River.

Every day, tons and tons guavas are picked & supplied all across the country. Boats are the main transportation for supplying. There are hundreds of boats filled with guava on the boat’s open space. This is a open market. It is the hundred-year-old tradition.

The farmers are very skilled just standing on the little floating boat and pick the guava. Even sometimes they go up to the tree and come back by picking on the boat.

 Proper season to visit the place:

Every year, the market starts the first week of July. The season stays till the first week of September. The start picking guavas happen between the hours of early morning and noon.

 How to go the Market spot:

The place is located 21 kilometres from Barisal City. Barisal is a Northern district of Bangladesh with good communication system. By Road, River transport and even Aeroplane facilities are available to go to Barisal.  It will take approximately one and a half hours to reach your destination from Barisal to Guava Floating Market by road.

For last few years the village Bhimruli becomes the famous tourist point situated in Swarupkathi.

There are about 30 villages in Swarupkathi containing more than 7,000 guava trees. The one-hour boat trip through the village gives you a taste of the local village lifestyle in this way as well.