Hilsa is the National Fish of Bangladesh. The scientific name of the fish Hilsa is `Tenualosa ilisha‘. It is called ‘Hilsha’ in English. It is basically deep-sea fish.  They migrate to the deep river while hatching time. 86% of the world’s total ilish supply originates in Bangladesh. About 450,000 people are directly involved in the catching Hilsa. 5 Million People indirectly involved related job to Hilsa fish. 

Size of Hilsa Fish

The size of female hilsa is bigger than male hilsa.

Male hilsa is around   : 35 to 40 cm

Female hilsa is found : 46 cm to 55 cm.

Within 02 years Hilsa becomes mature in age.


Breeding Season of Hilsa

Hilsa lays eggs whole the year round.

Winter Breeding Season: October-November.

Summer Breeding Season:   June-July and February-March.

During the monsoon when winds start to blow from the south-west direction groups of hilsa migrate from the sea to large rivers to lay eggs.

Extreme number of Eggs laying by the Fish Hilsa

A hilsa of size 25 to 55 cm is able to lay 1.1 to 2 million eggs.

Food for Hilsa Fish

Hilsa fish is mainly planktonivorous. They eat Floating food particles found on water surface. Their diet includes shrimps, crabs, small snails, algae and organic waste.As of 2021, 86% of the world’s total Hilsa supply originates in Bangladesh which applied

Countries where Hisa found

Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Bangladesh is the top Hilsa-producing country in the world,

Rivers of Hilsa in Bangladesh

Mainly in the rivers Padma, Meghna, Korotoya, Rupsa, Shibsa and Payra.